EI PeenSolver Webapp

Build: 161201

This webapp is for calculating peening intensity as defined in SAE J443 and conforms to SAE J2597. It has evolved from Curve Solver spreadsheet program developed by Dr. David Kirk and widely used around the world. Like Dr. Kirk’s program, it generates a fitted curve through the given data points. Then using the corrected arc heights from the curve it locates the one arc height that increases by 10% for the doubling of exposure time. This arc height is the intensity value.

Application Overview:

Entering Test-Specific Data:

  1. Indicate whether you are using Conventional or Flapper peening
    1. If you are using Flapper peening, you are required to select which type of Magnetic Correction you are using.
    2. The type of Almen strip you are using is not relevant unless you are using AMS with an N Strip.
  2. Enter the length of time spent peening each Almen strip
  3. Enter the arc heights (in inches) of the strips you have peened
    Note: When solving Flapper peening intensities using the AMS A strip magnetic holder correction, arc heights must be entered as .xxxx for values below .005 to be correctly adjusted.
  4. Enter pre-bow measurements
  5. Click [Calculate]

Viewing the Graph:

  1. Intensity is visible in the graph’s header and is noted by the green dot on the curve
  2. If you have a particular time that you would like to see it’s corresponding arc height, enter this value in the field labeled “Input Time to find Arc Height” and click [Find Arc Height]
  3. Moving your cursor over the blue line reveals its corresponding arc height
  4. You may download an image of the graph by clicking on the download icon in the upper right of the graph
  5. Clicking on the edit icon in the upper right of the graph allows you to modify the values and then calculate a new curve based on these updated values.


  1. Do I have to specify whether I am recording arc height using millimeters or inches? No, as long as you’re consistent, the unit you use does not affect the calculation.
  2. Can I download the graph from a mobile device? Yes! Go ahead and click the download icon in the top right of the graph. This will open up a new tab. Then press and hold on the graph until your device prompts you to save it as an image.
  3. Will PeenSolver give me the same results as Dr. Kirk’s spreadsheet program? Yes, this webapp uses the same fitted curve function and equations created by Dr. Kirk.
  4. Will PeenSolver work on all platforms? Probably. PeenSolver has been tested on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. This allows it to work on many PC’s, tablets and smartphones.
  5. What does PeenSolver do with my data? The data goes to our server where it is used to calculate intensity and generate a curve graphic. The solution and image is sent back to your device and the data is discarded.

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